CSM 3D VIS™ is a new innovative 3-D Conceptual Site Model (CSM) software program designed to create interactive, fully rotating 3-D CSMs with minimal user training. With a focus on contaminated sites, mining sites and natural environments, CSM 3D Vis™ was created as a powerful visual aid, data evaluation and communication tool. As we know, Conceptual Site Models are integral to the evaluation and presentation of contaminated site impacts, remedial/action planning, mine site layouts and permitting. In fact, many regulators and clients require robust CSM as part of regulatory submissions and stakeholder engagements.

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Currently, there are significant technical gaps in developing 3-D CSMs in the environmental and mining space. CSM builders do exist, but they are either 2-D simple static models or numerical in nature which require specific, complex and expensive software with a steep learning curve. CSM 3D Vis™ was developed and designed by an amazing team of software developers to bridge this gap. It allows for a wide variety of users, and skill sets to develop robust 3-D CSMs. Further, CSM 3D Vis™ allows you to share your ideas and concepts with your team on-line, with clients, or as part of your reports or presentations.

CSM 3D Vis™ engages the user with a 3-D cube that allows full visualization from any angle. Simply select an asset, point, click, scale, rotate and place on or within the cube from an extensive library of site features such as geological materials, buildings, natural environments, mining pits, waste rock piles, lakes and ponds and sources of contamination. You can download actual site maps, image files, insert photos, data tables or videos of key locations/areas of interest and will have links to reports and data. CSM 3D Vis™ also includes unique features such as creating 3-D mountains and valleys and deforming geological layers using the Deformation Function and a Pen Function to add specific site features. To learn more about the product, please check its Launch Announcement.

Concurrent license:

Single user License:

CSM 3D Vis™ is priced at $699 CAD with a 30-day trial period. We can also customize and add assets to meet your specific needs! Quick Start Guide will help you to understand how it works and how to use it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most recent version of CSM 3D Vis™ is version 1.2 from November 13, 2023.
We support only the current version of CSM 3D Vis™. Emergency fixes to previous versions are released at our discretion.

Windows 8 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Window 11 and higher
64-bit operation system support
At least 214 MB free hard disk space
At least 4 GB RAM

Geocentric offers two licencing options to fit your personal or business needs, namely a Single User
licence or a Concurrent licence. The licencing options would need to be confirmed during the purchasing
of the software at the check-out page.
Single User Licence: CSM 3D Vis™ is sold as a perpetual license and a one-time Single User license
attached to a computers IP address- – with a log in process.   A single-user license grants one user the
right to use the software license. For each single user license you purchase, you will receive a unique
product key. This license may not be used by multiple people.
Concurrent Licence: CSM 3D Vis™ is also sold as a one-time single user perpetual Concurrent Licence
that allows sharing of the software within an organization. If for example 5 Concurrent Licences are
purchased then 5 users can engage the software at any one time, but a sixth user log in would be denied
until one of the licences is available for use.
Once you purchase a perpetual license it is your forever and it comes with one free year of software
maintenance. While your software maintenance is active you can update to the latest version of CSM 3D
Vis™ and access priority technical support, at the end of your free year you will have to choose to renew
maintenance to continue receiving these benefits.

Yes, CSM 3D Vis™ is certified by Entrust and published by GeoCentric Environmental Inc.

Get the most out of your CSM 3D Vis™ system license with active maintenance. One year of maintenance is included when you purchase a new product license. For the one year period, benefits include access to all new releases and software updates including:

  • Priority email support – your inquiry gets top priority.
  • Priority notifications from Geocentric Environmental.
    Software maintenance ensures you receive free priority technical support and the most up-to-date versions of CSM 3D Vis™. We include your first year of maintenance when you purchase a new product license of CSM 3D Vis™Two technical support tickets are assigned and provided to each licensed copy of the software, that can be redeemed over the year time period

Thereafter, renew your annual software maintenance to receive the below benefits: 

  • New Releases: Receive free upgrades to new versions. New versions include feature enhancements, improved performance, as well as new functionality. 

Technical Support: Contact us via email. We will get your questions answered as soon as possible.

Yes, we offer a $75/year student license. To get your license, please do the following:

  1. Email us from your university-issued email account.
  2. Include documentation that proves your current enrollment. Must include your name and date range.

We’ll send you a coupon code to purchase for $75.

CSM 3D Vis™is a Windows program and is not compatible with Mac, Linux, or Unix operating systems. However, customers have run CSM 3D Vis™on a Windows emulator. Windows emulators allow a Windows environment to run on a Mac, Linux, or Unix operating system. Please know we do not test our software under these conditions.

Yes, we offer online webinars and have many online training video tutorials posted on our YouTube site at geocentric-env. For additional assistance, please contact our technical support staff.

  1. Purchase and install your copy of CSM 3D Vis™ 
  2.  Upon opening the software you will come across the Sign Up page. Enter the email used to purchase your copies of CSM 3D Vis™. Create a password and click Sign Up to activate your account. If your account already previously purchased a copy of CSM 3D Vis™ then use the same password that was used to activate the original account.
  3. Move to the sign in page to login to your account using the same email and password. Note this binds one copy of CSM 3D Vis™ to your computer.

Yes, you have one (1) backup to bind your copy of CSM 3D Vis™ to a different computer. Please email us at to request for help.

If you have access to the original CSM 3D Vis™ installation instructions, simply reinstall CSM 3D Vis™ from those files and email us to unbind your previous computer. If you do not have access to CSM 3D Vis™ download instructions or the installation, locate your product key, serial number, or original order number, contact us, and we would be glad to help!