Mining and Hydrogeological Investigations
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Mining and Hydrogeological Investigations

About This Project

Exploration, pre mining groundwater reserve and feasibility study, aquifer testing, geochemical characterization, data gap analysis and preparation of Numerical Model, South Gobi, Mongolia.  The work included the preparation and execution of a field program, waste rock, host rock and background sampling, water sampling and infield screening techniques.  The work also included  the development of a 3-D hydrogeological model to understand possible mine water migration and mixing with regional aquifers.


Site Assessment, Risk Management and Remedial Action Planning-former Bullmoose and Ruth Gold Mine, Yellowknife, NWT. Mine sites were fully operable underground gold mine, impacted with tailings (submerged); waste rock, drainage portals, opening shafts, landfills and debris areas.  Project included directing a comprehensive historical review, and tenure, data base searches and interviews, obtaining scientific permits, wild life monitoring, development and execution of a detailed sampling plans.  A rehabilitation options analysis was prepared to address the leaching of metals from numerous large-scale waste rock piles, and the drainage of metals from an active portal to receiving waters.  Geotechnical issues were also addressed dealing with tailings dams, subaqueous tailings, waste rock, mine vents and other mine workings. A risk assessment was completed on metals (tailings) in the environment and food-chain modeling and the development of site-specific target concentrations.

Water Supply InvestigationSouth Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Work included development of a detailed alternative Conceptual Site Model based on the available data and information on geological hydrogeological characteristics of the local aquifer(s), water quantity/ capacity of aquifer, 3-D numerical modelling using FEFLOW and the long-term sustainability of the deeper aquifer resource.

Development of a Groundwater Management Strategy for the City of Barrie, Ontario.  Work included the development of detailed site conceptual models, groundwater mapping tools including aquifer and aquitard profiles, groundwater recharge, discharge areas and vulnerable areas.  A Risk Based Management Strategy was designed to ensure the long-term protection of the multi-aquifer system.

Source Water Protection Studies, Eastern Canada.  GeoCentric was the senior technical advisor on the Drinking Water Vulnerability Assessment and Source Water Protection at several Federal facilities.  The work included a technical review of the conceptual site models and well head protection areas, 3-D numerical models, water balance, WHPA delineation and vulnerability scoring, water quality assessment, chemical fate and transport, Hazard and Threat Identification and Inventory and WHPA Risk Rankings.

Consultancy Projects